A Virtual Dive Tour of South East Marine Conservation Zones

Virtual Dive Tour

Immerse yourself in your local undersea world – take the SE Wildlife Trusts’ virtual dive tour of those recommended Marine Conservation Zones off Kent, Sussex and the Isle of Wight which were identified for possible designation in 2015. 

Have a search around and click the icons;

Virtual Tour: http://mcz.kentwildlifetrust.org.uk/tour.html

Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) Public consultation January 30th to April 24th 2015

In 2011, stakeholder groups recommended to government 127 carefully selected MCZs from all around England, designed to protect seabed habitats and wildlife, whilst minimising impacts on livelihoods. In the SE, just 7 out of 31 recommended MCZs have been designated so far. The government had proposed to designate a further 10 SE MCZs in 2015, but has only included 7 of these in its public consultation. Please respond to the consultation to support these 7 sites, and all the others that were recommended to form the network.

Finding your way around the Virtual Tour:

The tour starts from a bird’s-eye-view, high above the English Channel.

Click on the MCZs (bordered in yellow) for a closer look.

Once down in the MCZs, the KEY helps you navigate your way through:



Pan around using the arrows or click and drag on the map.
Zoom in and out with the + / - buttons or scroll-wheel on your mouse.
Show map brings in the familiar Google earth view to help orientate yourself.

Controls 2

To help protect our seas and have your say on Marine Conservation Zones respond to the government's consultation by 24th April 2015.

This virtual tour was produced for the South East Wildlife Trusts’ Living Seas team by Roger Harris Computer Graphics, with funding from the Marine Protected Areas Fighting Fund.